You’re a slayer that’s what I talk about

You crave my heart which I can’t live without,

You so magnificent that’s what I meant to say

And only you now can hold a sway.

Of course you have your own life I understand,

But I can’t stop, can’t get through this, can’t comprehend.


You still a slayer with grateful glance

Please don’t be scare – give me at least one chance

Only don’t pull out my heart with your bloody lance

Maybe I won’t feel anything ‘cause I’m into some trance…


It seems you hypnotized me I can’t even move, what have you done?

My mind so far away I’m not myself, I think that you won —

Now every day I feel myself like statue of clay

There are many thoughts I can’t get rid of, I don’t think its okay.

I’m your eternal slave forever, just call me anytime

I’ll be no matter happens and it’s no any crime.