Just you


Sometimes I like to be a little bossy

And everything

I do seems to be a little noisy

If anything,

I think I know a bit more now, it’s not the same,

But still

It looks like an old fashioned game

This will

The reason for my present and the future

Of course

I want you to stop this torture,



You know, remember when we first met

It was so unforgettable, for me it’s so

Don’t know perhaps already you regret

Just can’t let you pass, won’t let you go,

This was adorable and something new –

It was just you, just you!


Just pull out my heart and look at this

What can you see?

Don’t make me suffer so hard please

You don’t need any key!

I see your eyes – it’s full of bliss

From sea to ocean,

I just can tell I miss

That’s my true emotion.