Just want to see you


I’m dying to see you, feels my heart started to press

Wish you to give me the access,

I want to steal some of your free time

Of course I’m not the best of thieves…

If only I could

I’d gave you all the world’s best gifts.

But you’re not such as I think

So let me know you deeper, to overstep the brink.


Just want to see you

Go somewhere —

To know you better, what’s behind your eyes?

To walk with you will be a pleasure

So f**k all the stares

We’ll be watching the perfect skies.


I start missing every time I leave

Something all the time reminds me,

I start to think that I achieved

Or what you’ve done and I received.

Can’t cell my thoughts to hell

‘Cause they costs barely anything

So maybe try them to expel

It’s not emptiness — it’s a lot of meaning.