Just ride

Sunrise slowly breaks
And I feel I am awake,
Seeing the sun stream
I’m smiling, follow my dream!
Changing my clothes, I’m going out
Today best day — there is no doubts!
The car is ready, so am I,
Awaits long trip and many miles.

Pre chorus:
The music is on
I’m sitting down,
Come on, let’s go
Let’s leave this town

I’m going different ways along,
I’m riding on, and on, and on.
What waits for me ahead?
Don’t even think, just ride instead.

I’m tired of everything and all
Want clear my mind and break the walls,
Let everything be easy as this ride
And my dreams are closer to my side,
Forgetting, changing all my ways
Riding to a new life where I will stay,
Beginning the new chapter of my life
The new page, edged like blade of a knife.