Aly was born in a small Altai town in Russia, on 2nd of June, 1993. Since early years loved music and different creative things. At the age of 14 began songwriting and wrote her 1st lyrics.

“I remember, I always was singing and my friends couldn’t imagine me not singing. The 1st lyrics was written under the influence of different musical genres and artists. And my very 1st lyrics was written after listening such artists as 50 cent, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce. So I think, need to thank them, for got kind of “push” for my creativity. Of course with the years, my music tastes was changing and I came to my favorite genre – rock. Here everything began from early Avril Lavigne, NickeIback and Creed. After, there was an era of Evanescence and very talented Amy Lee, Poets of the fall, Daughtry and these bands are my favorite still. So as you can see, one creative person gives inspiration to another with his/her creativity, and it works, was working and always will!” — says Aly.

“Generally I write about the people who have inspired me, dedications mostly, about the taken place events. But borders don’t exist, having inspired, it is possible to create any masterpiece! Working with the Dj Cassiopeia, we had recorded some tracks on my lyrics — «On the edge» and «My muse». Also, since recent time, I’m working with the Betengeizer musical project. The result of collaboration are tracks “Just ride” and «Fades away» — says Aly.

“Nothing can be better than INSPIRATION coming. After that, you need to do your perfect CREATION. And this something perfect will be your DEDICATION for this world! This is something like my credo, which is in my mind all the time” — Aly